Procrastination is when you’re having trouble persuading yourself to do the things you should or want to do.

When you procrastinate, you end up doing minor things instead of working on major, meaningful projects.

Procrastination is one of the biggest roadblocks to waking up, making the correct decisions, and living the life you’ve always imagined.

According to recent studies, people regret the things they haven’t done more than the things they have. Furthermore, regret and guilt associated with squandered chances tend to linger for far longer.

All of our opportunities appear to be at our fingertips at times, yet we can’t seem to grasp them. When you procrastinate, you are wasting time that could be spent on something more important. You will be able to do more and better harness the potential that life has to offer if you can defeat this formidable foe.

We already know that today’s world encourages procrastination, thus learning how to fight it is one of the most valuable skills you can acquire.

Why people procrastinate

Fear, hatred, distrust, unhappiness, ineptitude, ignorance, or simply your bad attitude could be the fundamental cause. Additionally, if the work is difficult, time-consuming, or both, you are more prone to put it off.

Surprisingly, the activity itself may not be as unpleasant as the emotions you get when thinking about it. As a result, the act of thinking and evaluating in your thoughts takes longer than the activity itself. Simply being aware of it can assist you in dealing with it.

Ignoring Time’s Importance

We were all born, and regrettably, we shall all die at some point. Our time on this planet is both limited and finite. Time is the most valuable commodity you have in light of these truths. It’s not money; unlike money, time can be borrowed, saved, or earned. That’s something you can’t do with time. Every second you waste is irreversibly lost.

People tend to manage their time more wisely once they realise that life is finite.

Self-discipline is lacking.

You can think of self-discipline or self-control as a situation in which you give yourself orders yet struggle to follow them. It isn’t the main reason for procrastination, but it is a significant component. You must have the right type of motivation and learn to maintain and improve positive habits in order to be disciplined.

Who, however, suffers as a result of procrastination?

It could be a student who waits until the last minute to study for an exam. An employee who waits until the night before to prepare for a presentation. A sick person evading a doctor’s visit. A sportsperson who is putting off making important dietary supplements. A judge who postpones making a decision.

How to set an online alarm to beat procrastination.

You want ot finish a piece of work but are not getting the motivation. You think, okay, i’ll start the work in 10 minutes, but 10 minutes become 20 and 20 becomes 40. The work never gets started.

To overcome this, you can set an online alarm.

Setting an alarm is just a seconds job on Here’s how you can set an alarm on

Go to

You will see the current time on your screen and a SET ALARM option.

Set the time as and when you want. From the above example, we can say that, set an alarm for 10 minutes.

You also get to choose the sound to which you want to wake up to. Alarm setter provides a number of options including Xylophone, Rooster, Classic etc.

Once you are done with the settings click on set alarm and you are good to go.

The alarm will ring in 10 minutes, and you can just get back to work.

Things to keep in mind!