Regardless of whether some find it funny or not, as well as irrespective of its sense of humor. A clock must, however, function in the same way as an actual alarm clock, which is widely available online, in order for it to be given any consideration. and are not limited to a few countries, such as Japan, which is the undeniable leader in the production of strange devices that are expensive and might be confusing to users in other nations.

Find out the top 10 funniest alarm sounds of 2022 below.


The Kaboom has a modern and distinctive appearance. As it starts to tick and then emits a series of loud noises with a sonic boom-like quality, it is intended to be extremely loud and is not intended for people with weak hearts. Although it is relatively inexpensive, the price ranges from $10 to $50. It has no additional features, but kids and computer nerds may find the design and the process of turning it off very amusing. It has radio capabilities and runs on AAA batteries. This clock is available everywhere online and goes by the names Sonic Boom and Boom Clock.

The Drill Sergeant Alarm Clock

Using the Drill Sergeant Alarm Clock is hilarious. It costs little, is widely available, runs on AA batteries, and has more than ten phrases, depending on the model. This clock berates the person trying to fall asleep and screams until the snooze button is depressed. This clock will wake anyone up unless the user has a particularly sensitive personality, but its features aren’t particularly distinctive, making it almost a classic in that regard.

Chicken and Egg

The most recent model of this clock has a moving head and flapping wings, and it lays eggs as the alarm sounds. The noise is intolerably loud, and in order to turn it off, one must not only place the eggs through the opening between the chicken’s head and body, but they also need to be in order, which is challenging because they all appear to be the same. However, each egg has a special feature that makes it different, perhaps its weight, which helps to distinguish it from the others. The clock’s design is excellent for children and ideal for teenagers living away from home.

The perfect clock for kids who can handle being annoyed by its special features, but not so perfect for most adults who depend on their morning coffee. Its price varies depending on where one buys it online, but it shouldn’t cost more than $80. It is cost-effective. The most recent model replaces the AA batteries found in earlier models with rechargeable batteries that can be recharged by sunlight.

Flying Alarm Clock

The primary purpose of the Flying Alarm Clock, despite the fact that it is not a recent invention, is to motivate the sleeper to actively pick up the key, put it back on, push down to activate the snooze, and then click the alarm off on the clock. Although it’s not particularly funny, it’s inexpensive, and it’s fun to watch someone else wake up to this alarm clock, so it made our list of humorous alarm clocks.

The clock has a lock and key design runs on AA batteries, and can also be plugged into an outlet. It is readily available and costs less than $50 online. Its alarm consists of a series of beeps, sirens, and screeching noises that nudge anyone awake to get the fan or the key and turn off or at least snooze the alarm.

Chrome Clocky

Although this clock isn’t particularly funny on its own, it is effective, reasonably priced (under $50), has a distinctive and stylish design, and is widely accessible in shops and online. It gained notoriety during college because, in addition to waking people up with its annoying racket, it forces them to get up and chase the clock around because it won’t stop moving.

Because of its distinctive ability to flee from the user, this clock is not only amusing but entertaining to watch others endure its wake-up call and get their daily exercise.

Find the Pin or Anemone Clock

The alarm won’t stop until the correct pin has been located and pulled, so this clock is ideal for people who enjoy puzzle games or are otherwise more thoughtful and patient. The alarm clock is available in a variety of shapes, hues, and textures. Despite not being widely used, this alarm clock is a collectible because it is difficult to find in most online stores like Amazon. Its price, which typically ranges from $100 to $200 depending on where the clock is purchased, is relatively high given its rarity.

The clock’s own mobility is one of its distinctive features. The body of the clock is covered in pins that pop up and down, making it difficult to find the correct pin and making the clock move around, which can be either really funny or really annoying.


Our list of amusing alarm clocks continues with the Clockman. The Clockman, a Japanese invention, is a ubiquitous online presence but only speaks Japanese. The clock comes in four blood type-based versions, including A, B, AB, and O. This Asian cultural phenomenon states that blood type determines personality. In other words, the clocks should reflect the character of their owner. The Clockman is sold nearly everywhere on the internet, and prices vary depending on where one purchases it; they typically range from $50 to $131.

  • The clock’s statements are amusing, and they continue even after you press the snooze button until the timepiece “falls asleep.”
  • The concept is a box-shaped mobile clock with a moving mouth and eyes that can make simple expressions. It also has tilt and motion sensors.
  • Considering that its only amusing feature is its statements, which are in Japanese, it doesn’t seem to be worth the price. Although one needs to know Japanese to understand, the features are very fascinating and are said to make remarks that might be interpreted as not suitable for children.

Hide and Seek

The Chrome Clocky’s concept and price are the same as those of this clock, which has a more aesthetically pleasing and amusing appearance. The only difference is that this clock will flee and hide, usually under the bed or another difficult-to-reach location. The volume of the noise can be changed, and at its loudest setting, it is rumored to be audible throughout the entire house and perhaps even in some parts of the neighborhood.

Kids will adore how much it resembles the Beast book, especially those who are fans of the Harry Potter series. Given that this clock has a tendency to fit into even the smallest spaces, it makes a great gift for young children, especially those who are smaller and more flexible.


The Sfera resembles a ball and floats over a person’s bed. One of the least expensive and most creatively designed clocks available, the price of this clock ranges from $30 to $50. The Sfera alarm clock has a motorized feature that, while not particularly amusing, causes the alarm to rise a small distance every time a user slaps the ball, forcing the sleeper to climb all the way to the ceiling to retrieve it. However, there are more of these types of humorous alarm clocks available that feature a picture of the time upon pressing the snooze button. The clock’s cord can be adjusted to a full length of 6 feet.

This clock is inexpensive, easy to access almost everywhere, has a special design and manufacturing process, and really works the sleeper into performing crunches as they attempt to wake up.


Everyone agrees that this alarm clock is by far the funniest thing they have ever seen. Despite not being made for small children, the Nooby’s design is very appealing to them, but users should be aware that the clock’s small parts can be easily choked on. The Nooby costs less than $35, is widely available online, comes in a variety of colors, has a very special feature, and runs on AA batteries, so it can be taken wherever you go. The user must ring the alarm clock’s neck to silence it after it goes off.

Yes, the sleeping individual must shake themselves raggedly awake in order to silence the alarm. The clock has a motor sensor that, after the appropriate number of shakes—which, on average, takes about a minute—will disable the alarm. Choosing to avoid introducing this clock to children may be the best advice for cultivating a more peaceful nature in them; on the other hand, it might be able to help adults and teenagers deal with stress better.