The alarmsetter website is a very basic online alarm clock that allows you to set an alarm from any browser. Hence, it will work on all platforms such as Windows, Mac, etc.

Any computer with a web browser can utilize the online web service quickly and easily. Something like this could be very handy for a college student or a professional who works on a PC all day. is an online alarm clock and timer with sound. The all-in-one online timer stopwatch alarm clock makes the use of Flash sound. It has several notification sounds that you can choose from.

So, here are step by step guide on how to create a 10-minute alarm using this tool

1. Visit the alarmsetter tool on your computer browser.

2. Click on the block of set alarm.

3. Set the 10 minute time for alarm in minute section having hours as 00.

4. Choose the appropriate ringtone of the alarm by clicking on the dropdown option.

5. Choose the sound by left clicking on it.

6. Set the name of the alarm (for instance- diet time, walk hour, tuition hour, etc.)

7. Click start to set the alarm, that’s it! You are all set to get the ring of your alarm in next 10 minutes.

You can open and use any of these tools in a tab on your web browser while using a different tab at the same time.

We hope that this article has helped in navigating the three different features of the alarmsetter website.