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Class timer tools is free and easy to use

Use this classroom timer online for multiple activities in class

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How to set alarm using online alarm clock

  1. 1.Click on set alarm
  2. 2.Set appropriate time for alarm
  3. 3.Choose sound of your choice
  4. 4.Click submit to set alarm, that's it !
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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a timer in a classroom do?

Teachers may enforce classroom management in a great, understated way by using classroom timers. By indicating that there is a strategy, setting timed segments for each activity aids in gaining pupils' attention. Additionally, it can make the transition for kids from, say, a group activity to their desks for individual study easier.

Why do pupils benefit from timers?

Timers give a display that corresponds to the anticipated time. Timers can motivate students by helping the teacher stick to the time limit and keep on target. They also make students aware of the time they have left to do their assignment.

How do timers benefit kids?

Children who quickly become distracted or have a tendency to lose track of time can benefit from their assistance in staying focused. They can encourage independence and assist students in doing their homework on time.