The buzzing of your bedside alarm clock forces you to get out of bed. You get to the gym and hop on the treadmill. You set the timer for 30 minutes, and start working out.

You are on your way to work and book an Uber. This starts a new timer that will inform you how long it will take the driver to arrive at your location. Once your ride starts, the app will inform you how long it will take you to get to your destination.

As you can see, different timings have an impact on our lives in one way or another. Overall, timers largely impact most of our daily tasks. Unfortunately, the same pattern does not hold true while we are studying. That is why, often, we are not able to meet our productivity targets.


Knowing that the clock is ticking has a profound effect on our productivity. It helps us focus by making us feel directly responsible for each passing second. However, the advantages of utilizing timer for efficiency go well beyond that. They help us track and comprehend our progress. They can even create internal motivation to work more and protect us from burnout.

Online timer stopwatches can help to make sure you keep to your study goals and see if your efforts are paying off. They provide a simple framework and pressure to assist us in completing activities in a shorter amount of time. A decent online timer, on the other hand, may provide a plethora of information about how you operate. This can allow you to refine and optimize your procedures in order to become more efficient.

Here, we have listed the most impactful benefits of using online timer clocks while studying.

Maintains order and organization

With so many targets to achieve each day, the mantra of “move fast and break things” may work in some circumstances, but not always. One significant drawback of this method is that you wind up making a lot of clutter. This can inevitably slow down your efficiency and productivity over time.


Because of the mess you have made, it will be difficult to locate items. This will waste time and cause you to fall short of your daily academic targets. That is why it is critical to establish study day discipline. Using productivity clocks is a fantastic way to do it. The online timer by helps you monitor your timely progress. You can use their online timer stopwatch to set timely study targets.

Keeps you focused

Keeping your focus on a single activity might be challenging. This becomes harder if you have a habit of juggling between numerous tasks at once. Setting a timer forces you to stay focused on a particular task and prevents your attention from wandering. As a result, you will be able to do that task far more quickly.


For instance, you can set one hour timer, and devote that time to completing a single chapter to the best of your ability. This strategy can be useful for time-sensitive topics that require your entire focus. Setting a timer for an hour can help you avoid switching to new tasks before the current one is complete. This technique will work even if you do not like the task you are working on.

This degree of dedication brings out the best of the student in you. This allows you to cover more topics in less time.

Resists multitasking

According to study from Stanford University, multitasking reduces productivity and efficiency. Whether it is because of the nature of your study material or the persistent desire to surpass your peers, the end result is the same. If you want to be more productive, this is one of the things you should quit doing.

Multitasking, according to another study conducted at the University of London, might even harm your brain and lower your IQ.


Our brains are not built to flip between tasks quickly. As a result, switching focus from one task to another takes a lengthy time.

Setting a timer forces you to concentrate on one task at a time. This keeps your attention from wandering. Hence it permits you to focus on one thing in order to attain your goal.

Keeps Distractions to a Minimum

Emails, social media, phone calls, and other disruptions can all divert your attention away from your goal. While studying, these distractions are the top productivity killers, crushing your output. You can use any online timer stopwatch to avoid all of these interruptions. As the clock ticks away, you will be less likely to pay attention to these distractions. This will inevitably make you more likely to concentrate on the task at hand.


If you have a phone call, for example, you can put it on silent. You can also pick it up and tell the caller that you will call back later. You can deal with emails and text messages in the same way. You can also resist the impulse to check social media and save time by avoiding these distractions.

Maintains a flow

There will be times when you are unable to give your all. This occurs more while you are working on a tedious chapter or a difficult assignment. An online timer is an excellent tool for channeling your energy and releasing it in smaller bursts. This aids in the development of momentum. This in turn aids in the completion of complex tasks swiftly. Once you have found your stride, you will be able to finish jobs much more quickly and with fewer resources.

Monitors your progress

Using an online timer clock helps you keep track of your progress. You can use an online timer to set targets. This will not only keep you focused but also give you an idea of your speed of studying. You will then be able to understand when you tend to slow down. You can also use this information to plan out your study days in advance.

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Makes Your Breaks Count

You must take a break whenever you feel tired. Taking a break is also essential for concentration and productivity. However, you must make sure the timer is set to 20 minutes. This keeps your breaks from becoming excessively extended. When you know you just have a few minutes of free time, you may plan your break time more carefully. As a result, you begin to cherish each minute of your break and devote it to productive pursuits.

Some other benefits of using online timers while studying are:

  1. Helps you acknowledge what you have accomplished.
  2. Recognizes how long certain topics take.
  3. Examines the quality of your concentration.
  4. Encourages you to go above and beyond their previous achievements.
  5. Lets you identify the tasks and processes that are holding you back.

Online timer counters discourage procrastination. Time constraints also help you stay on track and boost your productivity. They entail perseverance. You will have to fight the urge to use your phone for entertainment and other distractions.

Keep your online timer stopwatch going until your study target is complete. Then you can go on to another chapter or assignment.